Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download

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Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download

Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download

Review– Enjoy effortless printing with multi new Samsung wireless printer function and perfectly designed. Designed to serve its purpose in an easy and effortless, this wireless printer from the house of Samsung will stun everyone with his performance and incredible features.

About the product:
Because it is wireless, it becomes much easier for users to move from one place to another as per requirement. Therefore, replacing the existing printer cable and delicately designed this new Samsung multiple printer functions and do its work without putting any effort.

Salient features:
Go through some of the key features of this handy and know about the product in detail device. This will surely help you know why you should opt for this device.

The product comes with a functionality 3 in 1. This means that the printer is capable of printing, copying and scanning, this wireless printer offers flexibility and lets you work with less effort and barrier.
The device also comes with ID Copy, N-Up copy and scan to email features. These features provide necessary functionality required to support in this modern world of business.
The printer brings you software support that helps the device in delivering the ultimate quality printouts. The manager of the printer easy configuration helps to control and monitor the status easily.
The author of the document helps users in creating digital documents and that too in various formats, making it easy to share with your friends.
It comes with a single button touch eco saving toner, paper and energy. You can print multiple pages on a single sheet. The one-touch button connects to the wireless network quickly.
Therefore, this Samsung wireless printer can serve as the perfect and ideal for the workplace of choice today. If you wish, you can buy this printer online from anywhere you want.

Optimize your printing in one simple step with one touch Eco Button Samsung, you can save on printing expenses when you quickly switch to Eco Mode and conserve toner, paper, and energy. No need to waste time changing the setting or altering your documents with this useful feature, as one touch is all you need to configure the printer to deliver the most economical results.

Optimise your printing with Easy Eco Driver

Enjoy cost optimized results every time you print with Easy-Eco Driver Samsung. With this useful software, you can accurately preview your document before printing and adjust quality, color, and other settings to meet your precise needs and budget as well as removing unnecessary text, images, and other elements. You can even monitor savings, including paper, toner, energy and overall cost. Say goodbye to wasted impressions and discover more economically-efficient printing.

Simple and efficient management easy printer

Discover simplified print management with Easy Printer Manager. This integrated EPM software allows you to quickly configure the device and monitor status using only simple to use the software. Do not worry about unexpectedly running out of toner again, as toner ordering, device discovery, application linking, and other functions are easily accessible with our Easy Printer Manager.

Installation is easy with our secure wireless connection with just one touch.

One Touch Wi-Fi Setting the SCX-3406W lets you quickly and easily connect. Simply select the WPS (WiFi Protected Set-up) button on the access point (router), press the WPS button on the printer and you’re done. Normally, you would have to spend time creating a wireless network name and manually entering a security key or password on all the wireless devices, but the ultra-convenient One Touch Wi-Fi Setting automatically configures – and protects – your wireless network for you.

How to Install Printer Without a CD

  1. Place the computer and printer next to each other and make sure that all cables are connected to the printer and computer
  2. Turning on the computer and wait for it to boot
  3. Connect the printer to the wall and then take the USB cable attached to the printer and plug it into the appropriate port on the computer
  4. Turn on the printer
  5. Click on the “Start menu” and go to “Control Panel”
  6. Search for “Printers and hardware” and click the box on it
  7. Grab your mouse and click on “Add a printer”
  8. When you see the “Welcome to the add printer wizard”, click “Next”
  9. Click “automatically detect and install a plug and play printer” on the page add printer wizard. Click “Next”
  10. Installing the printer will start if the network can automatically detect it. If not, the message can not detect will appear and you will be prompted to install the printer manually. Click “Next”
  11. Select the printer port. Use the recommended port to set the best choice.
  12. Click “Next” Select the manufacturer and printer. Click “Next”
  13. Type a name or confirm the name if it appears in the printer box and set as the default printer if you want. Click “Next”
  14. Print a test page which will make sure the printer is set up and online. Click “Next”
  15. Receive messages successfully complete the printer installation. Click “Finish”

Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download

Support for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download For Windows

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Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP
Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download For Mac OS X
Operating System
OS X 10,6 OS X 10,7 OS X 10,8 OS X 10,9 OS X 10,10
Samsung SCX-3406W Driver Download For Linux
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