HP Photosmart C6380 Driver Download

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HP Photosmart C6380 Driver Download

HP Photosmart C6380 Driver Download

Review– The HP flatbed items are flexible and handy and have nothing behind it a home-designed and fan-fits fit so well with a PC or Apple Mac establishment. Leading away after the standard steering association for printers, the HP Photosmart C6380 incorporates what HP calls easy wi-fi.

The HP Photosmart C6380 printer handles incoming paper and prints double-sided paper that are placed one above the other at the bottom of the printer. HP continues to amaze with its standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch dual ID card and a different drawer for small 3.5 inch by 5-inch photo paper, eliminating the need to swap paper. It is a colossal accommodation that will save a lot of time and trouble throughout the life cycle of this current printer. The driver deals with setting, therefore, choosing the right kind of media for a specific job, however, you can also physically substitute to pick one yourself.

Shadow on white ice, silver, and black light, the HP Photosmart C6380 looks smart and uncomplicated. The immaculate white scan reveals a contact image sensor (CIS) system, which keeps the scanner area from shallow. CIS scanner configuration has progressed significantly in recent years so that a CIS unit organized at this level can give CCD comparative devices more expensive and massive results.
In addition, the HP Photosmart C6380 printer is equipped with an 802.11b / g network remote control and a small LED on the far side of the control board displays the status of the association with a green light. HP has simplified the remote setup process for most printers and the HP Photosmart C6380 is not a special case. You can directly access the “magic” remote control through the setup menu or use the printer driver CD to set up an impromptu remote USB membership. Both forms are incredibly simple and should be up and running on a Mac or PC in less than 5 minutes. Finally, there is an Ethernet port on the back of the HP Photosmart C6380 printer interface specifically for a wired system.
Although the different printers of the control board litter with the catch and redundant labels, we like the simplicity of the HP Photosmart C6380. On the front, there is a directional pad and a related “okay” capture, a couple photograph altering alternate forms such as buzzing and red eye evacuation, duplicate and direct capture pictures and capture print pulling boxes specifically card per user In the base of the gadget. There is a perfect USB Pict Bridge port for printing directly from an advanced camera.

How to Install Printer Without a CD

  1. Place the computer and printer next to each other and make sure that all cables are connected to the printer and computer
  2. Turning on the computer and wait for it to boot
  3. Connect the printer to the wall and then take the USB cable attached to the printer and plug it into the appropriate port on the computer
  4. Turn on the printer
  5. Click on the “Start menu” and go to “Control Panel”
  6. Search for “Printers and hardware” and click the box on it
  7. Grab your mouse and click on “Add a printer”
  8. When you see the “Welcome to the add printer wizard”, click “Next”
  9. Click “automatically detect and install a plug and play printer” on the page add printer wizard. Click “Next”
  10. Installing the printer will start if the network can automatically detect it. If not, the message can not detect will appear and you will be prompted to install the printer manually. Click “Next”
  11. Select the printer port. Use the recommended port to set the best choice.
  12. Click “Next” Select the manufacturer and printer. Click “Next”
  13. Type a name or confirm the name if it appears in the printer box and set as the default printer if you want. Click “Next”
  14. Print a test page which will make sure the printer is set up and online. Click “Next”
  15. Receive messages successfully complete the printer installation. Click “Finish”

HP Photosmart C6380 Driver Download

Support for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux



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