Samsung ML-2160 Driver Download

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Samsung ML-2160 Driver Download

Samsung ML-2160 Driver Download

Review– Samsung ML-2165W mono electrostatic printer base may be suitable for low-volume use, vanity tokenish value and size – however the decision of co-tokenish

The direct exquisite Samsung ML-2165W monochrome electrostatic printer gives you laser-sharp content for under £ 99 it is likewise very minimized, measuring just thirty-three.1×21.5×17.80cm, hence suitable for little work range. Extra unit zone fewer alternatives and the toner is costly at around four pennies for every page; with the exception of low-volume, essential printing, it is estimated initially.

Setting up the Samsung ML-2165W is effortlessness itself. presented the capacity yarn, join little-turning holder to the most astounding yield unit, and press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). that is all there is extra – forward you have WPS-fit switch. On the off chance that you don’t, you should join the printer to your portable workstation by means of USB to walk Wi-Fi – or use it as a USB-connected unit. See likewise: what is the best mono laser printer?

Control unit ranges tokenish. The same WPS catch together intriguing assignment in light of the fact that Continue/Print catch; and in the event that you hold it down for fifteen seconds the call stood report on the far side, you get just lights up the printer and toner, and subsequently the on/off catch. Driver Samsung ML-2165W printer, however just as fundamental, is an extra exquisite and very much sorted out. Samsung does not give any format alternatives, but rather it will give bolster manual duplex PC viewpoints.

Sadly, manual duplexing is not available in an overcoat. Considering that the little foot shaped impression Samsung ML-2165W This makes it satisfactory for an apartment – fortification parka – the partner degree disastrous oversight. Value Brother HL-2270DW consistent amount and incorporates programmed duplexing.

Choices Paper taking care of unit range straightforward Samsung ML-2165W is, additionally, albeit satisfactory for the part of light ought to be. Put paper at a record-breaking low holds one hundred and fifty pieces and in this way the yield container on top holding a hundred pieces.

Samsung ML-2165W boats with a starter toner cartridge that will keep going for about 700 pages. After that, you need to pay about £ 45 for 1,500-page standard cartridge substitution, which includes a rich 3p for every high contrast page.

As we tend to as of late exhibited with inkjet printers, an economical printer is an arrangement to be completely forthright on the off chance that you don’t print much. consistent thinking applies for moderate, low-volume laser, for example, the Samsung ML-2165W: Considering the low starting value unit and in this manner the 700-yard pick up you get, the toner unit range costs tolerable.

The content yield Samsung ML-2165W is mind boggling – sharp and dark. Representation on the inverse side, while useful for odd design, brand organizations, or direct diverse parts, unit range farinaceous even after you pick the “Best” in the print dialog. Moderate execution, yet entirely sufficient for an individual unit. Monochrome pages exist in eleven.6 pages for each moment on the PC and twelve.8 ppm on an overcoat. Print representation in the three.8 ppm. Page 1 arrived rapidly – in around ten seconds, which makes the unit extremely suitable for a brisk unique case.

For low volume individual printing, or as a partner’s degree notwithstanding a shading inkjet, the Samsung ML-2165W possesses all the necessary qualities. On the off chance that you are a PC client, may bargain genuinely. It is lamentable, be that as it may, that the troops Samsung waterproof shell to go through the motions to actuate twofold sided printing.

How to Install Printer Without a CD

  1. Place the computer and printer next to each other and make sure that all cables are connected to the printer and computer
  2. Turning on the computer and wait for it to boot
  3. Connect the printer to the wall and then take the USB cable attached to the printer and plug it into the appropriate port on the computer
  4. Turn on the printer
  5. Click on the “Start menu” and go to “Control Panel”
  6. Search for “Printers and hardware” and click the box on it
  7. Grab your mouse and click on “Add a printer”
  8. When you see the “Welcome to the add printer wizard”, click “Next”
  9. Click “automatically detect and install a plug and play printer” on the page add printer wizard. Click “Next”
  10. Installing the printer will start if the network can automatically detect it. If not, the message can not detect will appear and you will be prompted to install the printer manually. Click “Next”
  11. Select the printer port. Use the recommended port to set the best choice.
  12. Click “Next” Select the manufacturer and printer. Click “Next”
  13. Type a name or confirm the name if it appears in the printer box and set as the default printer if you want. Click “Next”
  14. Print a test page which will make sure the printer is set up and online. Click “Next”
  15. Receive messages successfully complete the printer installation. Click “Finish”

Samsung ML-2160 Driver Download

Support for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

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