Samsung Xpress M2070FW Driver Download

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Samsung Xpress M2070FW Driver Download

Samsung Xpress M2070FW Driver Download

Review– The Xpress M2825DW we are testing is the function monochrome laser printers, and Xpress M2020W much the same printer, but with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology added. The subject of our review here today, Xpress Multifunction M2070FW hews closer to M2020W but with three all-in-ones (AIO) printer features tacked on: fax, copying, and scanning.

And we literally tacked on. The odd thing is that Samsung does not extend single-function printer chassis’ or change its appearance very much to cover all the new functionality. Instead, it looks like the designers just stuck addition of AIO on one single function model Xpress! Is the same basic squat, flat rectangle with rounded corners on the plastic gray stone as before an “ugly duckling,” as we call it, in our review of Xpress M2825DW. Only now, that has a new chassis, parts that are not regularly sitting on it (and overlapping front and rear) in a handsome matte black. So unlike are two parts in color and styling that it was as if someone grafted two different printers together.

The unit is 16 inches, 14.2 inches and 12.2 inches high, though, highlight the Franken-curious look and feel, about two inches of depth is the overhang of top fax / copy / scan section.

At that size, M2070FW really too big to comfortably on the desktop, and on nearly 19 pounds, was too big and a little too heavy for you to move around a lot. It is not suitable for stuffing in a bookshelf either, given that so many of the functions associated with the control and access your feeds from top to bottom. (Contrast that with front-facing controls and paper feeder on B1163W Dell Multifunction Mono Laser. You’d be best off putting M2070FW about three or four feet from the ground on a table or cart storage, for easy access to all of its controls.

The top of the new that has some advantages. Unlike the relationship Xpress only previous printer, which M2070FW has the output tray that is not the only indentation in the top of the chassis with folding flaps. And, as you can see, it has an automatic document feeder up top shaped like the top of a grand piano.

How to Install Printer Without a CD

  1. Place the computer and printer next to each other and make sure that all cables are connected to the printer and computer
  2. Turning on the computer and wait for it to boot
  3. Connect the printer to the wall and then take the USB cable attached to the printer and plug it into the appropriate port on the computer
  4. Turn on the printer
  5. Click on the “Start menu” and go to “Control Panel”
  6. Search for “Printers and hardware” and click the box on it
  7. Grab your mouse and click on “Add a printer”
  8. When you see the “Welcome to the add printer wizard”, click “Next”
  9. Click “automatically detect and install a plug and play printer” on the page add printer wizard. Click “Next”
  10. Installing the printer will start if the network can automatically detect it. If not, the message can not detect will appear and you will be prompted to install the printer manually. Click “Next”
  11. Select the printer port. Use the recommended port to set the best choice.
  12. Click “Next” Select the manufacturer and printer. Click “Next”
  13. Type a name or confirm the name if it appears in the printer box and set as the default printer if you want. Click “Next”
  14. Print a test page which will make sure the printer is set up and online. Click “Next”
  15. Receive messages successfully complete the printer installation. Click “Finish”

Samsung Xpress M2070FW Driver Download

Support for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

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